Saturday, May 19

Day 140: Loppis

You never know what you are going to come across when you go out for a run so it is my recommendation that you always bring your ID, a bank card and a little cash. At the very least, take some cash. I decided that today was the day I would attempt to start running again. I started a couple of months ago and had a very, difficult time with cramping in my lower legs. I would have to stop every few minutes to stretch and allow the muscles to relax before beginning again. It would take ten to fifteen minutes of this before I could run without stopping because of the pain. This was all after warming up before my run. I finally just gave up.

Today I began again. I started out with twice as many stretches and warm up exercises as I had done before and it actually worked quite well. I did stop a few times to walk but I am allowing myself to do running with walking intervals until I build up and condition my running muscles more. I think running is a great exercise because you can do it virtually anywhere. You don't need a bicycle or a swimming pool. Just your running shoes and some workout clothes. I have to admit however that I do not love running. In fact it is my most unfavorite form of exercise. I love to walk, I enjoy swimming and, of course, riding my bike is top on the list. So why do I feel it necessary to run?

When I was in my early twenties I read a book called No Ordinary Moments. I came across a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt in the book - "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." It has stuck with me through the years. In the book the author talks about working out and doing exercises that we feel we cannot do, or that we are not good at, to become stronger and overcome our thinking that we cannot do a certain thing. For me that thing is running. So I am doing the thing I think I cannot do. I normally stink at running but today wasn't bad.

Anyway, once I'd decided I was done with my run for the day, I was a good, twenty-minute walk from home. I cut through a parking lot on my way to Hornsgatan, the street where we live, and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a Loppis! In English that means flea market, though when I got around the building to take in the whole thing it was more of a multi-family, yard sale. Still, I love finding hidden treasures at these sales.

From across the way I spotted it. An antique, red, metal, bread box! With a hinged lid! My husband would kill me but I had to have it. As I got closer I saw that the woman had kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls) inside it. Hmmmm. Maybe it was not for sale. I asked her if she was selling it and she said yes. Only eighty Swedish kronors (approximately ten dollars). She said she'd hold it for me while I ran to the ATM. Because I had my bank card with me, but NO CASH. Hence my opening recommendation to take some cash with you when you go out for a run.

If my husband doesn't like it I can always use it as a craft box. Just this morning he said that I needed a box for my art stuff. I love how the universe provides at just the perfect moment. I walked into the apartment and exclaimed, "I found happy! Come look!" He was not quite as excited as me. But he laughed and that's how I know he liked it. Just think, if I had not decided to go for a run today I would have missed finding happy today.

Isn't it fabulous?!

I have a thing for metal boxes with hinged lids. 

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  1. Like the box you should keep it filled with goodies. Mom