Wednesday, January 18

Day 18: Katthemmet

On Monday of last week we went to a place called Katthemmet. It is a shelter for homeless kitty cats that can be adopted. We've been contemplating a new kitty since we moved to Sweden but with the tragic death of our last kitty and our move to Sweden, We just were not ready yet. We are now!

I'd been looking at Katthemmet's website to see the kitties they had available for adoption. There were only a few kittens and the rest were between 1 year and 9 years old. We decided to go visit, thinking that we might consider an older kitty that wouldn't be adopted so quickly. The first room we went into, the blue room, was comprised mainly of kitties who had already been booked. This means that the kitty has been selected for adoption but hasn't gone to its new home yet. The first step in Katthemmet's adoption process is to book a kitty. Then you must visit the kitty a minimum of two additional times within the next week before the kitty can come to your home. On your second visit they encourage you to bring something from your home that smells like you so the kitty can begin to get used to the scents in your house. You also get the option of visiting every day if you want. They then deliver the kitty to your home on a decided date and time so that they can see where the kitty will be living.

We met many nice kitties that day. Two particularly drew our interest. A five-year old tomcat named Samoa and a year old girl cat named Puma. I really liked Puma. She was a svelte, black kitty with yellow eyes. She was a bit on the shy side but I loved her right away. Carl connected more with Samoa. I liked him too and we went home thinking about the two of them.

Visiting days were Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings. We decided to go back on Wednesday to see how the chemistry was with Samoa & Puma. We went to see Puma first. She was still a bit shy but seemed to recognize us and meowed hello. We then went to see Samoa again and unfortunately he was on the grumpy side and he tried to bite Carl. We decided to book Puma and after our visit we headed home thinking of new names for her.

Barring any changes, Ronja/Lilla My/Tove/Pina Bausch would be coming to live with us in the next week. It wasn't long before a name was decided. At least 98% decided anyway. Pina Bausch was Carl's favorite. We'd call her Pina for short. It was also a close likeness to her current name, Puma. I really liked the idea but was not completely convinced that Pina was her name. However when we visited her this past Monday she was sitting across the room from me & I said, "Pina," and she jumped up and ran to me. Carl said, "I guess that decided it". So Pina is her name.

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