Saturday, January 28

Day 28: Cat Naps

Naps are certainly not overrated. Most days I don't get the opportunity to take a nap while other days I don't feel that I need one. Today however, I felt the need for one and had the opportunity. It was a lovely day for a nap. The weather was a bit grey and I had been doing laundry and cleaning and sorting my inbox all morning. I decided to take a break and went down to the living room to play with my kitty. I had bought her a new toy on Thursday - a stick with an elastic string attached to one end and a fluffy, feather thing attached to the other end of the string. The new favorite I assure you. I can make her chase it or follow it with her eyes for hours. She is a very patient cat and will sit and watch it for an excruciatingly long time before actually attacking. She'd be a great outdoor killer if given the chance.

Anyway, I started out sitting on the couch. She was content to sit as well and just watch the fluffy, bird-thing hop and fly around. Eventually I decided to lie down. It wasn't long after that that I felt the overwhelming urge to "rest" my eyes, and arm. I rested the cat toy on the couch with the feather end hanging down onto the floor. I fell fast asleep. When I woke up briefly I peeked down onto the rug in front of the couch but she was not there. Sadly I went to lie back down and just happened to notice out of the corner of my eye that she was curled up in the opposite corner of the couch. We were both taking catnaps. Ah… there is nothing better than a lazy, catnap next to an expert.

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