Sunday, January 15

Day 15: Small Things

As I was eating my breakfast this morning I noticed some of the objects sitting on the table around me. Lining our wicker, breadbasket is a cute, little, square textile of black sheep hand painted onto natural linen fabric. I found this treasure at Svensk Hemslöjd, one of my favorite local stores here in Stockholm that sell handcrafts and art, and I just couldn’t bear to leave, or live, without it. It fits perfectly in the bottom of the basket and it magically makes bread taste better. I’m not even kidding! Sitting in the middle of our dining table are two, small, ceramic bowls, one is black with white hatch marks and the other one is a mirror image only with the opposite color scheme. They were hand made by a Swedish artist as well and were a birthday gift to Carl from his sisters. I’ve filled them both with cardamom seedpods and placed tea light candles in the centers. They are a beautiful accent to the black stone center of our dining table and there is nothing cozier than the warm glow of candlelight during the Swedish winters. Both the breadbasket liner and the candle bowls are small touches that put a smile on my face when I see them. I love details such as these. I feel that they really add to the joy and pleasure of daily living.

Now as I sit here at my desk I notice other objects that keep me company. A heart-shaped, pale-blue, glass paperweight sits at the base of my computer monitor while an abstract wooden bird with little wire legs is perched on the base of my desk lamp, along with one of the angels from yesterday and another carved wooden bird. Three, small, black, photo frames, with photos of my parents when they were young, also watch me as I work. Seeing these little items makes me smile all over.

I could write about numerous objects such as these that I have collected through the years. Many I still have and some have gone on to other homes to spread happiness and love. They each bear a special story or memory of when they were acquired. Some I have had for many years, even from when I was a child and others are newly acquired or were received as gifts - just simple, small things that make life richer and sunnier and each one is like a warm, friendly hug.

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