Friday, January 27

Day 27: Fredagsmys

One thing that I love about the Swedes is that they devote every Friday to something called Fredagsmys, which literally means cozy Friday. It is the one night out of the week selected to light candles, watch a movie and eat something special, usually candy (godis in Swedish) or chips. But it can be anything that’s yummy and makes you feel warm and good inside. For me chocolate is always a good option. Sometimes we go to our favorite candy store called Caramella, where you take a bag and fill it up with your favorites from the bulk bins. Other times we might get something from one of the local bakeries. I went by three bakeries today after work in search of a specific pastry that we wanted and they were all completely sold out. So tonight it will be fresh shrimp from Smögen, which is a fishing town on the west coast of Sweden, to be eaten with fresh baked bread, butter, creme fraisch and lemon. I bought the shrimp at Hötorget, which is one of the wonderful indoor markets in Stockholm where you can buy all sorts of specialty items. Just going there is something of a Fredagsmys for me. I love to look at all of the artisan cheeses, dried fruits, chocolates, meats, breads and seafood. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. So now it is time….for Fredagsmys. Enjoy your own Friday and be cozy.

The video below is a commercial for a potato chip brand in Sweden but they are singing about Fredagsmys. Enjoy!

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