Tuesday, January 17

Day 17: Clementines

When I lived in the US I was spoiled but did not truly know the extent of my spoiling. I could buy almost any fresh fruits or vegetables year round. Regardless of being in season, fruits and vegetables were grown and shipped from all over to my local grocery store. Part of the reason fruits and veggies are so readily available is due to the mild climate of places like Florida and California. Mild climate is one thing lacking in Sweden.

I am exaggerating slightly but it seems that the only fresh fruits and veggies available during the winter in Sweden are apples, bananas, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and onions. Of course there are a few other options but it is rather limited compared to the summer. Except for clementines! They are the winter jewel and definitely something I look forward to every year around mid November. These bright, happy, orange balls are like a tiny burst of sunshine illuminating the dim, winter days. Not to mention that they are the perfect snack.

We have a weekly fruit basket delivered each week to my office at work. It usually includes (green) bananas, apples, occasionally pears and in the winter, clementines. I am not the only one addicted to them unfortunately, and there is always an unspoken battle for them between my colleague Magdalena and me. Come Monday mornings, upon the fruit baskets arrival, we walk-race downstairs to snag a couple to keep hostage on our desks. Neither of us says a word but it really is a competition to see who gets the most.

Clementines are among the few things I love about winter in Sweden. Nearly every one I eat is perfectly ripe and delicious. I could probably eat my weight in them, given the freedom to do so, and they could very well be one of the reasons I keep my sanity in the months I must endure before the cherry blossoms come out. There is one sitting on my desk calling to me now...

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