Monday, January 30

Day 30: Happy Sounds

I stepped out of my office building into the sunny, cheerful sound of birds happily chirping. It was a mild 30 degrees Fahrenheit, though it felt a tad bit warmer with the heat of the sun beating down. Okay, maybe not beating down but it was definitely making its presence known. Our office building is situated at the top of a small, hillside park with a couple of steep paths that wind from the street where my office is down through the park to the street below. I made my way down the more meandering path which was more exposed to the sunshine. The birds were out in full force, singing merrily and I could not help but notice the sound of joyful happiness in their chatter. Maybe it was the sunshine that had me take notice of them or perhaps they were only out, like me, because of the sun’s presence. Either way, we were all getting our dose of vitamin D.

The sound of birds chirping is such a happy sound. It reminds me as well of the sound of children playing. The intermingling of children’s voices while playing with the occasional happy screech reminds me of the innocence and joy of being a child. I don’t think we have to be children to experience that feeling. We find reminders of this feeling in days such as today, like when I stepped out into the sound of the birds’ cheery songs.

On days like today I cannot stay put in the office without seeing the outside world. The sun becomes a magnetic force that cannot be avoided. I am compelled to go out and feel it shining on my face and breathe in some fresh, if not icy cold, air.

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