Tuesday, January 31

Day 31: Increasing Daylight Hours

Yesterday one of the local newspapers devoted it’s theme of the day to focusing more on positive and uplifting news. Each article dedicated to this positive theme was marked by a large, sunny, yellow, smiley face so that the reader would be sure to take notice. One of the featured articles discussed the fact that in the month of January alone we acquired 106 more minutes of daylight. One hour and 46 minutes over 31 days. That is a gain of 3 minutes and 41 seconds per day. It doesn’t sound like much really but here we are at the end of January, I am looking out of my office window at 4:00pm and it is still light outside. At the beginning of the month it was pitch dark at this time, so that makes me pretty happy.
Before we know it, the daylight hours will have reversed themselves and it will be light out the majority of the time. By the end of February the sun will be setting around 5:40pm. But let me not get ahead of myself. The darker days of winter are wonderful for sleeping soundly through the night and well into the weekend mornings. There is something to be said too for suffering through the long, winter darkness. I truly feel that by the time summer is here, I have earned it.

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