Monday, January 9

Day 9: Positive Things

My positive-things-about-today list:

Slept like a log through the night
Woke up in a good mood AND without a headache
Had a delicious almond butter and honey sandwich for breakfast
Got to sit down on the subway (as opposed to standing crammed against fellow passengers like sardines)
It snowed!
Ate leftover, homemade pizza for lunch
Read a funny joke
Went to visit kitties at Katthemmet

Enjoying all of these occurrences today I nearly forgot that it was Monday. I am finding that when I select the positive, fun, happy things to remember and think about through the day, I can more easily forget the negative, grumpy things. Makes sense. Who wants to spoil happy thoughts with negative ones? Not me.

I really needed this past three-day weekend. Carl and I did lots of fun, relaxing things: we visited the Modern Museum and saw an amazing exhibit called Turner, Monet & Twombly, dined at our favorite hole-in-the-wall taco place, saw an inspirational, dance, film documentary at the Dance Museum, took several long, relaxing promenades, saw a not-so-fantastic dance performance (but it was still fun to go to the dance theater), made homemade pizza, watched a couple of excellent films (Contagion & The Help) and cleaned house. Okay, the last item was maybe not so fun but the effects after are deeply relaxing and highly enjoyable. All in all come Sunday night I was not whining about the weekend being over and the pending work week beginning. I call that a win-win.

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