Monday, January 23

Day 23: Grumpy

I woke up this morning with a headache, a very, sore shoulder and my eye twitch back in full force. Not a good way to start my Monday. Sometimes when I wake up with a headache I try to wait it out to see if it will go away on its own. I did a bit of stretching, drank a little coffee and took a hot shower with mint-scented shampoo. Unfortunately it did not help so much. In any case I left for work armed with Tylenol and a coca cola. My commute included fighting my way through the smells of “freshly cologned” morning commuters and withstanding the pushing and shoving of those who were obviously in more of a hurry than anyone else. A bad mood and a worse headache took over rather quickly. Then I thought about my positivity project. Here I was, headachy, grumpy, eye is twitching like mad and my neck and shoulder killing me and I am supposed to find something positive about the day.

Tylenol and a coca cola are on my mind. Is that a positive thought? I decided just outside of the subway exit, as I am climbing the steep, murderous hill (or mördarbacke as the Swedes call it) to get to my office, that I am going to allow myself to be in a bad mood today. Being grumpy does not have to be a negative thing, right? Yeah, well. I succumbed to taking the Tylenol with some coca cola shortly after my arrival to the office and a couple of hours later I admit that I started feeling much better. Without the headache, my sore shoulder and eye twitch were more bearable and I didn’t feel so grumpy anymore. So I would like to thank the makers of Tylenol for helping me continue with my positivity project. Without them today would have been a wash.

On a serious note however, I have managed to shake the bad mood and am choosing to feel positive instead. It’s snowing outside and it is a nice, quiet day at the office. I have a very sweet, loving kitty waiting for me at home and it is already 4:00 p.m. I also must mention that I won another game of Filipin on Friday. Just the thought of that puts a smile on my face. If you have not been following along since the beginning, see posts from Day 1 and Day 12.

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