Tuesday, January 24

Day 24: Riding my Bike

It is not a difficult task to find something positive about today but I’d like to focus specifically on my morning. First of all, I’d like to point out that I slept solidly through the entire night for the first time in a while. I usually wake up at least once and because I need to go to the bathroom, I’m forced to get up and go, which further wakes me up and disrupts my sleep. But last night it was like I slept on clouds. I woke up feeling fresh and awake and not like a piece of lead. I usually lie there until the last possible minute, however this morning I got out of bed right away. I went down stairs to make coffee and breakfast for my husband and then played with my kitty, Pina, for a bit before pulling on my bike shorts, tennis shoes and a t-shirt to ride my bike. If you are wondering, no I did not go for a ride outside in the snow. We have a trainer set up in our guest bedroom and today was the first time since I had asked Carl bring it up from the basement that I actually rode it. That was three weeks ago thereabouts.

So I get my set-up ready. I have my iPhone, my iPad, a bottle of water and a book. Little did I know entertainment was not something I needed to bother myself with. Pina decided to join me for my morning exercise. I had a feeling that the noise from the back wheel spinning around would frighten her and it did a little but she was a trooper and stood her ground. She sat at the doorway the entire time I road and it was quite entertaining. She is a very curious kitty. I think I have mentioned that before but it is worth mentioning again. She alternated between sitting and staring and inching her way little by little into the room.

About five minutes after I started pedaling my nose started getting runny and I didn’t have any tissues so I sniffed. It wasn’t very loud but coupled with her fascination and trepidation it had a startling effect. I did it right when she had started to slink a few steps into the room. She jumped straight up in the air, all four feet at the same level. It was like she was standing about 5 inches in the air and was one of the funniest things I’ve seen a cat do. It’s too bad that I wasn’t able to video this because I am sure it would get a million hits on YouTube. I continued my ride for twenty minutes and she stayed there keeping me company the entire time. I don’t think I need to say that this put a smile on my face for the whole day.

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