Wednesday, January 25

Day 25: Remembering the Rapture

Laughing attacks sometimes cause me to double over in pain, my stomach in knots and tears streaming down my face. I just cannot stop laughing so I have to “suffer” through it. I often feel better after a good gut-wrenching laugh and it wasn’t too long ago that I had one of these moments. I am sure you remember the Rapture prediction that was made for May 21, 2011. The world was going to end and God was going to take those who were worthy to heaven in a flash. You would just disappear. If you were left behind you were considered a sinner and unworthy of a place inside the pearly gates.

Carl and I were at home on this particular Saturday in May last year. He was downstairs sitting on the couch reading his laptop computer and I was upstairs piddling around. We had been discussing a bike ride and were in the process of deciding where we would go. It was a gorgeous, sun-shiny day. Spring had come early and the blue sky and frisk air outside were inviting us out to play. Carl asked me to come downstairs for a minute. I was in the middle of moving wet laundry into the dryer and said I’d be right there. I walked downstairs, chatting with him as I went. I don’t remember exactly what I was saying and I probably forgot then as well but as soon as I came to the bottom of the stairs I saw this:

I immediately fell to the floor. I was laughing so hard I think I pee’d my pants. Tears were gushing out of my eyes and my stomach was burning. I was speechless. A few minutes later, here he comes. He’d been hiding in the bathroom in his underwear. Apparently God allows you to go to heaven with underpants on.

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