Tuesday, January 10

Day 10: Full Speed Ahead, or Get Out of the Way!

I'm on my way to work this morning. Just moving along with the sea of people in the subway station, transferring from one train line to another, when I am suddenly slowed down by a fellow traveler moving slower than the flow of traffic. My first thought is " you're walking too slow - move out of my way!" As I move around the woman and continue on my marathon race to get to the office I recognize a correlation between commuting to work and moving forward in life. The difference being that when we encounter that person in life, “walking slow in front of us,” instead of walking around them and speeding back up, we slow down and let them keep us from moving ahead. Why is that?

With the start of the New Year we all come up with resolutions for bettering ourselves and/or moving ahead in our lives. How many of us have a “slow walker” in our life that keeps us from moving ahead? I'd venture to say that we all know someone fitting this description. This person probably doesn’t mean to hold us back from our goals or dreams, just like we do not mean to allow them to slow us down, like the slow walker in front of me, slowing down my commute to work. It just happens. Well, it’s time to move full speed ahead. Don’t let the “slow walkers” hinder your commute in life. Tell them to get out of the way so you can get by and get on with your life.

We've got places to be.

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