Thursday, January 12

Day 12: Filipin 2

Yesterday we were on our way to Katthemmet (The kitty shelter) to visit kitty cats again. We had met two kitties on Monday that we liked and wanted to have a second visit to see how the chemistry would be this time around. Katthemmet is on the red line of the Subway going toward Fruängen (which unrelatedly means “the wife field,” strange I know). You exit at a stop called Telefon Plan and it’s just a short walk from there. So we were walking from the subway station to Katthemmet and Carl said, “It’s going to snow tomorrow.” I said that I doubted it and he asked if I wanted to make a bet. He said that if he won he wanted to win all of our future Filipin games (someone obviously doesn’t remember the dates or times). I told him no. I don’t usually bet unless I know I will win and I wasn’t sure. I thought it would mostly rain but that it might be cold enough later in the day to snow and I didn’t want to risk it. I’m competitive. We went on our way.

This morning was rushed. We both felt like lead when the alarm went off but shortly afterward Carl managed to spring out of bed & jump in the shower. He forgot he had an early meeting and was running late so he was gone before I was really awake and out of bed. When I finally did get up I noticed that it was raining outside. Hmmmm. No snow. I sent him a text message and asked, “Is it snowing?” I’m a punk, I know. He wrote back, “The day isn’t over yet.” Well, it didn’t seem like snow weather but I was safe anyway since I didn’t take the bet.

Later in the day, after raining slow and steady all day, I looked out the window around 2:00pm and low and behold, it was snowing. However, it wasn’t just snowing, it was snowing sideways. I am not kidding! I sent him a message that it was snowing. He wrote back, “I win all Filipins.” He’s dreaming. I didn’t bet. He called me a sore loser. I called him a slow walker. He called me a Boogie (Wo)man.

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