Monday, January 16

Day 16: The Internet

Ten years ago, having Internet meant being able to send emails to my friends and family who lived anywhere in the world. It meant being able to look up movie theaters and times, to access my University website, their online library and art history search engines, and occasionally looking up some random information. Today The Internet means life. It is like a huge umbilical cord that connects us to everything and I cannot imagine living without it. I use The Internet everyday, throughout the day. The Internet truly is a magnificent creation.

I had an “argument” with Carl recently regarding the question of what we each felt was the most significant invention of the last 100 years. He said The Internet, hands down. I tried my best to sway him. I suggested travel by airplane. Nope. I threw out automobiles. Not a chance. I mentioned the tampon, obviously not applicable for a man, but as a woman I feel that it has been a remarkable invention, worth mentioning. For him The Internet is the most significant invention of the last 100 years. I can’t blame him for feeling that way. It is fantastic! I mean, I can be anywhere in the city and pull out my mobile telephone, which is connected to The Internet, and look up directions and a map to where I am going, make a restaurant reservation, find a store, and if the broadband is strong enough I can use The Internet to Skype or make a phone call to the US from Stockholm. And I can check Facebook, my bank account balance, look up a Swedish word that I don’t know and check the weather, all within a few minutes. These are just a handful of things one can do with The Internet. It's bounds are nearly endless.

Am I brainwashed?! Perhaps it is because I am married to a man who lives and breathes for The Internet but I really believe that having this tool makes life happier, and definitely simpler. I too love The Internet and if I’m being completely honest, I might admit that it is the most significant invention of the last 100 years. Just maybe.

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