Saturday, January 14

Day 14: Angels

My mother used to avidly collect angels. Angels that were handmade with fabric and lace, old fence posts, small bits and pieces of wood and metal formed together to create grace and beauty, and many made of glass or ceramic. She just loved them. She still loves them and still has many in her collection but at some point she decided to stop "collecting" them, as the house was becoming overtaken with angels. Not a terrible thing but I can understand not wanting a complete home invasion.

This passion for angels has been passed on to me. I have angels here and there, scattered throughout the apartment. I just noticed that I seem to have suddenly accumulated three new ones in the last six months (don't tell Carl!). But really, there is nothing more positive or happy than a little angel. Just look at these little lovelies:

This first one is my favorite. She is very tiny, probably no more than two inches tall. I love her curly, matted, blond hair, her cherry tomato cheeks, her joyful, singing mouth, her striped gown and even her clunky, somewhat clumsy wings. I smile each time I look at her.

The green one is somewhat abstract but lovely no less. Her simple form emits peace and calm. I bought her in Gothenburg at a quaint, little shop that features various local artists' works. (I bought one for my mom too, I couldn't resist!)

This painted, blue angel, with her fancy, green-striped socks, was a wedding gift from Carl's parents. Both of his sisters also received one as a wedding gift, though they were married many years earlier. The artist who painted this angel was no longer working but his parents found her and asked if she would do this commission, explaining what it was for. She floats on the wall above our bed.

My lovely fruit bearing, angel of health was a gift from my dear friend, Jeanine. She was sent to me after I had a miscarriage during the first few months after we moved to Sweden. She has been a blessing and she watches over me in my sleep. (I had to include a photo of the cool, ceramic lady that stands next to her. She isn’t an angel exactly but she is the guardian of my wedding rings when I sleep. She was a gift from my dear friend, Kasey. I was so worried that she might break during the move to Sweden that I packed her in double, bubble-wrap and stuffed her into a box of sweaters to make sure she would arrive safely).

I received this chubby, love angel as a gift from my mother-in-law, who knows of my fondness for angels. A bonus, as she also carries a huge, red heart (another thing I accidentally collect, though I am limited by my husband, who I have to say, gave me one of my most favorite hearts just months after we began dating).

This one isn't so obvious but it is a collage with St. Christopher, the patron saint of travel. We bought this wall hanging in the hill country on our mini honeymoon to The Inn Above Onion Creek, near Austin, Texas.

Here is one of our favorite little angels, who went to kitty heaven just before Clove and I moved in with Carl.

Clove became an angel too, just a couple of years later, right before our move to Sweden. Kitties are the best angels, I think.

Angels come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we recognize them right away and sometimes they pass us by and we fail to see them. They watch over us and protect us and they make me smile from the inside out. If you do not yet have an angel I highly recommend getting one. Keep your eyes open as you travel through life. You might find one right in front of you without even realizing it!

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