Tuesday, February 28

Day 59: Upside-Down Spastic Day

Ever have those days when it seems it would have been best to crawl under the bed and stay there for a week or so? Me neither, but I did consider just hiding somewhere in the apartment for the day and coming out this afternoon. Kind of like playing hide-and-seek and finding the most awesome hiding place where no one can find you. Ever. You finally just have to come out. It’s a nice feeling to find a spot like that. You feel powerful and mischievous at the same time. Unfortunately, however I did not hide. So power and mischievousness will have to wait for another day.

Instead I washed my hair in the bathroom sink. Well, let me tell you that it doesn’t work all that well unless the sink is higher than hip level. It felt like I was doing an advanced yoga pose, bending over so far, not to mention how it was helping my sore neck and shoulder. For some reason our hot water was turned off sometime between when my husband showered and when I decided to get in the shower. Sorry, but I don’t do cold showers in the mornings. Not in Sweden and not in the winter. So I boiled some water in our tea kettle and mixed it in the sink with some cold tap water. Washed the hair and had a sponge bath.

It wasn’t perfect but it worked and I even got to work on time. So what was positive about my morning? Not a thing. Okay, maybe that we had electricity? Later in the day however, I found this photo that a friend posted on Facebook. It completely cracked me up and it pretty much illustrated how I felt this morning. I love, too, the fact that this little guy is orange. I love Orange. Orange is the new black, you know.

I actually have a yellow one. He used to help me write essays and term papers when I was in high school, and even at the university. We go back a long way. (He's going for a ride).

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