Sunday, February 26

Day 57: False Seasons

Summer tricked me today. Came into my mid-winter blues and said, “surprise, I am here!” Forget about going through spring, I went straight from winter to summer overnight. It sounds good except for the fact that I have a crush on the spring and it would be very difficult to move past it without even a hello and go straight to summer, before callously heading back into the Swedish fall and winter. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love fall in Stockholm. Even winter has its moments, but I live for the Swedish summer and spring is the segue that softens the blows from winter.

Perhaps it was a dream that I couldn’t quite recall but it really felt like summer this morning when I woke up. I gave myself a manicure and pedicure, with pale pink polish, and wishfully put on a t-shirt, wondering if I dared to go out in it today. The sun didn’t help either, blasting in through the windows as if it had a megaphone, illuminating all of the dust and dirt that tends to hind around the apartment in the winter (guess it’s time for a clean up, ahem). I relented and opted for a spring/summer top. It was cheerful enough that I was able to dress somewhat sensible while maintaining my feeling of summer.

That is, until we left the apartment. I think Jack Frost must have had his hand in the trick because it was blustering cold out despite the lovely, soft warmth that eluded us through our apartment windows. I still had my winter coat on, just in case, so I did not freeze to death. I mean, it may have been wishful thinking but I am not so crazy to think that it was summer in February. February in Stockholm, just to be clear.

I still felt summers presence as I made my way through the day and it was a wonderful feeling, false or not. Maybe if I just act as if summer is already here, it will get warmer more quickly. What do you think?

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