Thursday, February 23

Day 54: Chocolate Cake

The other day I came across a recipe for a vegan chocolate cake on this new social media site called “Pinterest.” Pinterest is one of those things, like Facebook, once you try it you are hooked and there is no going back. One has to request to become a member and then later you received an email invite to sign up. Once you become a member and set up your wall, if you will, you can then set up different "boards," where you "pin" things of interest. You can also just “like” something and there is a separate place to view those posts. You can create many boards with a variety of topics. Anything from "Artsy Stuff" to "Things That Make Me Smile" to "Cool Interiors" etc. You get the picture.

So back to the cake. Basically it is just a typical chocolate cake made without any eggs or dairy (And it was and still is delicious!). Someone I follow on Pinterest “pinned” it and after I saw the recipe and photos of the step-by-step process, I was forced to make it. It was Fat Tuesday after all. Both my husband and I were burned out on the traditional semla (to be featured later), the pastry normally eaten on Fat Tuesday in Sweden, so I made chocolate cake instead. Not only was the cake delicious but beautiful as well. It is always a crapshoot with a new recipe. Especially if it is one that no one you know has recommended and it is not yet on the list of the tried and true. Sometimes the recipe turns out to be “crap” and sometimes a “shoot” - straight to the top of your favorites list. This one definitely shot to the top of my list. I plan to keep it tucked in my back pocket to make for my next dinner party.

The photo is my own. I definitely recommend the recipe.

Here you can click to see the original website and recipe:

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