Friday, February 17

Day 48: Travel Day

I always love taking a weekend trip. When we lived in Texas occasionally we would drive up and spend a weekend in Oklahoma. It was a perfect weekend getaway with only a couple of hours drive from Dallas. We usually stayed in one of several cabins built by this older couple that lived in the vicinity. We never actually met the couple. They had this great system down. Once they received your payment in the mail (by check, they did not accept credit cards), you would be sent the code for the door. It worked out great for us and this system made it feel a bit more private, like we were going to stay at our own, private place. The cabin was situated on a creek and maybe a hundred yards from the entrance of Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma. Another hundred or so yards in the opposite direction was this funky, little café converted gas station where you could buy homemade fried pies. Pies made with fruit fillings, cream fillings, as well as seasonal fillings like pumpkin or peach. I am sure they were made with the most fattening ingredients possible but they were finger-licking GOOD. This photo, while not the best of me, is really fun and perfectly takes me back to the day the (pumpkin) pie was consumed. This particular photo has even shown up on a handmade birthday card for me. But that is another story.

Our train to Gothenburg leaves this afternoon at 17:36. Sweden uses military time here. It took me a while to get used to it but I kind of like it now. Usually I am in charge of organizing whatever food we will have for dinner on the train, since the food car has limited selections for vegetarians. For many trips I’ve picked up tacos from La Neta, which is an absurdly placed but well-loved taco bar here in Stockholm. Other times I have picked up sushi or Lebanese food. It always makes the train trip feel extra special to have something really yummy to eat. Today we are having salads from our favorite neighborhood haunt, For Friends Café, which is owned and run by this cute, little, older couple and their 20’s-something son.

Train trips are the absolute best because I can just sit and relax, disappear into a book, listen to music or even watch a movie. And three hours later or so, I am magically at my destination. No hassle, no stress and I don’t have to find parking or stop for gas. I especially love the anticipation of a trip when I have a good book that I am looking forward to reading. I can’t wait to settle into my seat and read my book this afternoon. For now, I will just say “happy trails” and catch you again tomorrow.

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