Friday, February 24

Day 55: 4:30pm On Friday

Can I be completely cliché and say that the most positive thing I found about today is that it is Friday? Whew. I am seriously ready for some rest and relaxation. And most of all fun. I always look forward to Friday. Right around 4:30 pm on Friday is my favorite time of the day. Time to go home, time to settle in for a cozy night at home and time to forget about work for two, whole, absolutely, lovely days. On my way home I am stopping by my favorite indoor market, Hötorget, to pick us some fresh boiled shrimp for our “Fredagsmys” (See Day 27 for an explanation of Fredagsmys if you missed it) as well as some fresh fish of some sort for the kitty cat. I also plan to select some yummy, decadent desserts, though that will be a surprise. Not that we deserve them, for all of our couch surfing this week, but I think they will be a good kick off to the weekend and plus they will help make up for my lunch experience today.

At lunch time I decided to walk down to a little, secluded café by the water. The walk there is off the beaten path and a bit more relaxing. They serve the most delicious hand-made dumplings and the atmosphere is bright and cheery. When I was almost there I saw a few groups of people walking in my direction and I thought, "They must have gone to Jin & Peeters too." Ooooh, I could almost taste the dumplings and the spicy, salty dipping sauce. I walked right past it. It was closed. Not closed, as in, “we are on vacation” closed, but closed, as in CLOSED FOR GOOD. I was seriously disappointed. I sighed and made a u-turn to head back up to another café that is a tucked-away, hidden gem. It too was CLOSED FOR GOOD. I know this because it is now a pizza place. At this point I had about five minutes left of my lunch break. I went to another café and picked up a salad to go and headed back to my office. On the bright side, at least I got to have a nice, long walk.

I was really looking forward to 4:30pm and Fredagsmys by that point.

Dear Fredagsmys,

I love you.

Grace Ann

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