Thursday, February 9

Day 40: A Cup Of Tea

Sometimes amid the stress of my day, running after-work errands in the cold and snow, picking up a few needed groceries and all of the commute-related, chaos around me, a simple, hot, cup of tea is the perfect pick-me-up. It is not demanding of my attention. There is no deadline to meet or conversing required. There is no jostling from fellow travelers. There is just the moment. The quiet, still moment, breathing in the fragrance of the steeping leaves, sitting thoughtfully and taking the time to just be.

A cup of tea can be just the thing needed to transform my day when there is a black cloud hovering over me. Nothing else is needed, although a good book, a soft, wool blanket and a warm, black kitty wouldn’t be turned down. The silence combined with the soothing, warm liquid invigorates me, perks up my senses and leaves me refreshed. Think I’ll put the hot water kettle on…

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