Wednesday, February 15

Day 46: Art Inspiration

Nothing is more exciting for me than an inspiration that leads to idea after idea of creative undertakings. It started with reading a friend’s blog of his new exercise regimen and ended with a long list of art project ideas, Etsy shops, and other interesting blogs to peruse for further inspiration. One discovery included an object that I have been searching after for a couple of years now: A type case drawer. And it just so happens to be located in Stockholm. Yay.

If you are not familiar with a type case drawer, it is a skinny, shallow drawer that is divided into small compartments to hold the movable letters used for letterpress printing. Usually a type case includes many drawers, like a chest of drawers. They are not used as often nowadays and people have started to use single drawers as a sort of shadow box, or shelf for tiny figurines and keepsakes. I would like to use mine for the later. During my exploration today I came across several refurbished type case drawers that were really cool. They had been artfully decorated in a collage style with an assortment of colorful papers, photos, memorabilia, buttons, and other fun trinkets.

My type case drawer will be delivered tomorrow and I cannot wait to get started on refinishing it. For me, being creative is part of living and breathing and there has definitely been a part of that missing from my life. I feel that this is just a starter project, like a starter fire that becomes a bright, burning bonfire. I woke up this morning with a migraine and felt like the day was going to be tainted as a result. I had no idea that I would be led on an art inspiration journey which would give me just the pep and fire I needed to hop right over my headache experience and forge through the day, happily. Look for a later post with the finished product. Maybe I’ll even put hearts in it!

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