Saturday, February 11

Day 42: Cloudy Day

Most of the time when the weekend rolls around I am really hoping for beautiful, sunny days. Being holed up in my office at work all week, the thought of a sunny day during which I can go for a nice bike ride or walk and get a nice dose of vitamin D is the recipe for a perfect weekend. Today however I could not be bothered with sunshine. It was a grey, overcast day outside and I stay inside the entire day, napping, hanging out with our kitty and reading. It was completely lovely and rejuvenating and I did not feel cheated out of a weekend day like I normally would without the sunshine to cheer me on.

It was a bit unusual for me because I am definitely a sunny day kind of girl. I would be perfectly happy with never having a cloudy or rainy day. To me rain is for night time, a white noise to help with sleeping. It should be beautiful and clear when morning comes so that we can enjoy a blue sky and some golden rays. This cloudy day however was welcomed and embraced. Now if tomorrow is sunny the weekend will be perfect.

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