Wednesday, February 22

Day 53: Smile...Even When No One's Looking....

Sometimes we put on an act for our friends and family. We act nice and kind and patient. Then out in the world, when we are by ourselves, we are impatient, curse under our breath and feel a general displeasure with all of the rude people around us. Yes, when we are alone we take down the happy face. It gets shoved into our back pockets or handbags and we pull it out and dust it off, or smooth out the wrinkles, when we need to put it back on.

What if we just kept it on all the time? Kept smiling, even when that man (possibly accidentally?) hits you with his backpack, or when that woman purposefully steps right in front of you, bumps you even, and keeps going as if you weren't even there. Cultural differences or not, it's important to smile in the face of challenges. And let me tell you, this is definitely a challenge.

So, today I plan to smile and be happy, even if (I think) no one is paying attention. It's not a matter of keeping my guard up but rather pushing and championing for happiness. Happiness is a choice we make each day. Choose to be happy even if you feel grumpy. Choose to be happy even if your pants are a tad too snug.

"Act the part and you become the part" – William James (1842-1910)

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