Thursday, February 16

Day 47: Off Kilter

Day 47: Off Kilter

Today I had my physical therapy appointment. After my session I noticed that my therapist was wearing her shirt inside out. I sat there and contemplated telling her and wondered if it was perhaps one of those inside out shirts. Nope, there was the tag was sticking out on the side. If I had been back in the States I would have mentioned something tactfully to her about it but since I was not sure how she would take it, I kept quiet and just smiled to myself.

It reminded me of a time when I was in high school. I was not a morning person. Oh, so little has changed. My mother would come to wake me up in the mornings and I would bark at her to NOT TURN ON THE LIGHT. Every morning was like coming out of hibernation. I was grumpy and not completely with it until I'd had some coffee and a shower. After one particularly difficult morning I found myself sitting in seventh period, which was nearly the end of the school day. I needed to go to the restroom. Amazingly it would be my first time that day. I excused myself to my teacher and sauntered down the hall to the closest one. After closing the stall I proceeded to do my business. I nearly passed out laughing when I realized that I had on my underwear AND my pajama bottoms (bloomers of all things) under my jeans. Luckily I was the only one in the restroom. No wonder my jeans felt tighter. I thought maybe I had gained a couple of pounds so I was relieved to discover the bloomers. I took them off and wadded them into the smallest ball possible and when I got back to the classroom I quickly stuffed them into my backpack, hoping no one would notice or ask any questions. It appeared that I was safe but privately I was (humorously) mortified. I giggled to myself the rest of the day. Some days you just feel a bit off kilter.

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