Tuesday, February 4

Tacos Equal Happiness

(The finished product... Mmmmmm!!!! So delicious!)

On Sunday my husband said, "I'm gonna make tortillas." Homemade corn tortillas, that is. My whole being started to hum with happiness. Corn tortillas, especially homemade ones, are one of my favorite foods. You can make so many tasty meals: huevos rancheros, breakfast tacos, regular tacos, tostadas (just bake in the oven to crisp up to your liking), and enchiladas. I even have a favorite tortilla soup recipe that calls for corn tortillas as the thickening agent. 

(Pressing the tortilla)

Don't get me wrong, I pretty much love any kind of tortilla but the corn tortilla has a special place in my heart (and stomach). When my husband announced that he would make tortillas I immediately had the idea to make roasted veggie tacos. I was thinking zucchini, carrots, green onions, maybe some sweet potatoes... but then he suggested black bean and roasted sweet potatoes and since black beans and sweet potatoes are my new favorite combination ever (just add a little crumbled feta and a spoon or two of salsa and I am good to go), I said, "sure!"

(A perfectly pressed tortilla ready to grill)

We have always been a good team in the kitchen, easily splitting up prepping tasks and mostly avoiding too many bumps. And I don't know why but we seem to always find ourselves making up new dance moves in the kitchen as we cook (and groove to some music). We have created dances called The Robot Chicken and Korta Ben (Short Legs), to name a couple. Normally the dance creations come along when we are out at our summer house on Tjörn, but recently dance production has made its way into the kitchen on Södermalm. If nothing else, we have some good laughs. And by "good laughs" I mean, rolling on the floor, tears streaming down our faces, peeing our pants laughs. You should try it. Kitchen dancing. Makes the food taste better too.

(My mouth is watering just looking at these beauties again)

Once we started prepping for the sweet potatoes and black beans, my husband started on a secret project (that involved red onions, small red chilies, limes, & oranges - oh my yum!) and I sliced up an onion to roast and eat later as a taco topping. It is so easy to do. The roasted onion not only makes your kitchen smell edible and wonderful but the flavor and crunch it adds to the tacos is just... well, sheer perfection! Set your oven to 200 C (400 F) and roast in a thin layer of olive oil, turning as needed and removing the ones that reach desired doneness as you go. I like to let mine caramelize. It takes about 30 minutes total, give or take a few minutes depending on your oven.

(Ready for the oven!)

We layered our taco fillings in this order: a drizzle of sour cream, black beans, sweet potatoes, roasted onions, the secret pickled onion/chili combo my husband created (that was amazing!), crumbled feta cheese, and a spoonful of salsa. We would have finished them with a sprinkling of cilantro but the store was fresh out. The resulting tacos however were astoundingly great, even minus the cilantro. When we finished eating my husband said, "I could eat three more of those!" And even though my belly was full and I was in taco heaven, I felt the same way. So yummy! 

(Sheer perfection on a plate)

Ps. We did stop at three tacos each. Mostly because we had already put the remaining tortillas in the freezer and all of the taco ingredients that were left over, along with some leftover brown rice in the fridge, became my burrito bowl lunch for the next day. ;-)

Tacos = Happiness

If you are in need of a happy moment, eat a taco. It may not solve any problems but it will make you feel better. :-) That and a square or two of chocolate. 

Happy Hump Day! Hang in there, we are half way to Friday!

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  1. Awww your kitchen dancing is so cute!! Those tacos look amazing too :)