Thursday, January 31

On My Bike with Scissors and a Cast Iron Skillet... Now Live!!!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for checking out my blog, "Finding Happy in 365 Days."

I have now moved to a new blog:

On My Bike with Scissors and a Cast Iron Skillet

Hope to see you there!

Just for the curious... here is a photo of my final winner and her Happy Package Giveaway Prize:

And what a sweetheart... she brought me a beautiful bouquet of tulips when she came to pick up her Happy Package! Thanks Katie! Hope you enjoy your prizes!

... And Thank You again to everyone who participated and followed along on my journey of... Finding Happy in 365 Days... It was a great journey and having you all there along the way made it all the more special! Hope you will continue to follow me... On My Bike with Scissors and a Cast Iron Skillet!!!


  1. Thank YOU Grace Ann, for a year of inspiration and all those wonderful goodies in my Happy Package!! I love them!

    1. You are so welcomed Katie! I don't know how I missed replying to this comment! Hope you are still enjoying your goodies! Happy Day!